Continuing the Association’s Long Commitment To Providing News, Perspective to its Members

Continuing the Association’s Long Commitment To Providing News, Perspective to its Members
John Jordan, owner of Hudson Valley Editorial Services in Middletown

Initially, the Westchester Realty Board, which was founded in 1916, began publishing printed bulletins in 1926 to its members entitled “Westchester Realtor.” The bulletins later were converted to newspaper format in 1961 and were distributed to the membership that initially covered Westchester County.

Below is the introduction to Westchester Realtor by Board Executive Secretary Walter DeWitt in January 2016.

“The Westchester Realtor, with this issue, Volume 1, Number 1, makes its bow.
Platitudes can flow easily from an editorial pen. They could be served to you by the quart, but they are disgustingly insipid, and if the Westchester Realtor falls into this fault, in just that much will it have failed in making what we hope to make it – a bulletin of real and valued interest to you.
If it becomes ‘just another one of those things’ that find quick transportation to the waste basket, or if it becomes columns of type spoiling what otherwise would have been perfectly good paper, it has also failed.
Therefore we borrow the stuff of the radio announcer and ask you to write to us and tell us what features you would like your bulletin to contain. We solicit your suggestions. We solicit your contributions. The Westchester Realtor is yours.”
The Westchester Realtor, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 15, 1926

When I took on the role of editor of Westchester Realtor in 1996, then WCBR Executive Vice President P. Gilbert Mercurio stressed the long-standing commitment the Board had in producing a publication that would include information “of real and valued interest” to its members.

It was with that principle in mind expressed 95 years ago that inspired Real Estate In-Depth’s launch in 1996. Now, celebrating its 25th year of publication, please indulge me in briefly looking back to give a special nod to the many contributors to this newspaper. In the past quarter century, the continued success of this publication has been due to the tremendous team of professionals, contributors and staff that work tirelessly to produce a quality newspaper for its membership.

While many print publications have failed in recent times, Real Estate In-Depth continues to be widely read and supported by new and loyal advertisers due to its content and now its reach throughout the Hudson Valley and metro New York City regions. And for that I am deeply grateful.

Current CEO Richard Haggerty has provided invaluable assistance and support in guiding the newspaper through both difficult and boon times. Board Presidents and Directors and association staff since 1996 have been invaluable partners in helping produce this newspaper, which began with a print circulation of approximately 4,000 and now boasts a readership of more than 12,000 each month.

Like the real estate industry, Real Estate In-Depth, which is now online at, will continue to evolve to not only highlight the activities of HGAR, but also provide coverage of the major news of the day and perspectives that will help you grow and succeed in the real estate field. The newspaper also publishes a weekly online newsletter.

In closing, members, affiliates and readers of Real Estate In-Depth can reach me at to submit any news items, story ideas or comments on the newspaper’s coverage. To paraphrase what Walter DeWitt said so eloquently nearly a century ago, “Real Estate In-Depth is yours.”

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