December Holidays: A Celebration of Cultural Richness

December is filled with joy and the celebration of holidays from everywhere. They remind us of the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

HGAR Diversity Equity Inclusion
HGAR Diversity Equity Inclusion

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! December is here, and it's not just about winter chills and snowflakes. It's a month filled with joy, laughter and the heartwarming celebration of various holidays from around the world. These festivities don't just bring us closer together; they also remind us of the true values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). So, grab your cocoa, cozy up, and let's embark on a jolly journey through the December holiday season!

Hanukkah: A Festival of Lights, Latkes, and Resilience

Kicking off our global holiday tour is Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights that begins on the evening of December 7th and runs through December 15th. Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday, might be famous for its menorah and scrumptious latkes, but its essence goes beyond the candles and feasts. It's a celebration of the resilience of the Jewish people, and it embodies the principle of “Tikkun Olam,” meaning “repairing the world.” This holiday promotes inclusivity, justice and equality for all, reminding us of the importance of coming together, embracing our differences and creating a more harmonious world.

Christmas: Where Inclusion and Togetherness Shine Bright

Now, let's hop over to Christmas, a Christian holiday, celebrated on December 25th. Beyond the twinkling lights, tinsel and those catchy carols, Christmas embodies the true spirit of giving. It's all about sharing love, and many people come together to support those less fortunate, whether through gifts or volunteering in the community. The best part? This act of kindness knows no bounds, emphasizing the importance of building a more inclusive society.

Kwanzaa: Unity and Culture

Last but not least, we have Kwanzaa, the cultural celebration that runs from December 26th to January 1st. Kwanzaa is all about embracing African American heritage and promoting unity, self-determination, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. One of Kwanzaa's core principles, “Ujamaa” or cooperative economics, encourages supporting black-owned businesses and fostering economic equity within the African American community. This principle extends beyond the holiday season and reflects the importance of achieving equity in economic well-being.

As we embrace the colorful tapestry of December holidays, it's clear that the celebration of cultural richness isn't just about different traditions—it's a reminder that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of these traditions. So, as you light your menorah, decorate your tree, or set up your Kwanzaa table, remember that we're all part of this big, beautiful mosaic of humanity. Let's celebrate together, laugh together, and strive for a world where the spirit of Christmas, the resilience of Hanukkah, and the unity of Kwanzaa continue to shine throughout the year.

Katheryn DeClerck is a member of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors DEI Steering Committee. Freddimir Garcia is HGAR’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer

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