FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO: Empowering HGAR Realtors to be Their Very Best

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO: Empowering HGAR Realtors to be Their Very Best
Lynda Fernandez, HGAR CEO

While it may at times feel like the real estate industry and Realtors are under attack, we all know with every challenge there is opportunity. Challenges are oftentimes our biggest blessings. Difficulty propels us to think differently, to aim higher and to be better. As many before me have said, challenges don’t define us. Instead, it’s how we react and rise to the challenge that does.

Realtors are strong and resilient by nature and always rise to the challenge. As an HGAR member, you should remain confident in your value and in the benefits, tangible and intangible, direct and indirect, your association offers you. We remain committed to your success and to the communities you serve.

In my career at various Realtor associations in very different markets, my colleagues and I have worked diligently and deeply to elevate member service and offerings. Behind the scenes we lose sleep, skip meals, miss family milestones, and ignore wellbeing to advance initiatives, launch projects, finalize new products and services, present events, engage in governmental advocacy, and more!

I now feel a huge obligation to support the vision of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors (HGAR), which is to empower members to be their best. Along with our leadership and team of staff professionals, I am committed to elevating your professionalism, education, knowledge and success. I am also eager to learn more about you collectively and individually to further support your success.

In addition to being a parent company of OneKey MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which offers you the MLS and related products, services, and technology, HGAR offers you valuable resources and tools to help you serve your clients and to position you as a real estate expert. Advocacy, education and professional standards are three of the most valuable services HGAR offers its members.

Advocacy—central to HGAR’s mission, advocacy protects your business and the dream of homeownership by addressing issues such as remaining an essential business during the pandemic, flood insurance, rent control, good cause eviction, reduction of state and local real estate taxes, telemarketing activities, and many more. To learn more about how you can support our advocacy efforts and how we support your business, visit

Education—HGAR offers hundreds of in-person and online courses, including designation and continuing education courses. Our education department offers you a multitude of opportunities to gain the knowledge to successfully serve your clients and meet your continuing education requirements. HGAR also offers a wide variety of special programming and events. Each year we present YPN (Young Professionals Network), Global, Commercial, County Days, RPAC Fundraisers, Foundation, and other member events. For more information on education and events visit

Professional Standards—as an HGAR Realtor member, you hold yourself to the highest standards of professional conduct. HGAR handles ethics complaints and provides mediation and arbitration. For more information on Professional Standards, visit

Look for future columns and announcements to learn more about how HGAR supports you and your business.

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