From the Desk of the Interim CEO: Know Your Why (Part 2)

From the Desk of the Interim CEO: Know Your Why (Part 2)
Jana Currier, Interim CEO/Chief Operating Officer

Do you know your WHY? Can you, off the top of your head explain why a person looking to buy a home needs you—a professional Realtor? If not, my advice is to continue to read this article and then prepare your personal statement articulating your value.

Using a Realtor when buying a home offers several valuable advantages. Here are just some of the reasons why working with a Realtor can be highly beneficial for home buyers:

Market Expertise—Realtors have a deep understanding of their local real estate market, including current trends, property values and neighborhood dynamics. They can provide insights that help prospective buyers make informed decisions about where and what to buy.

Access to Listings—HGAR Realtors have access to a comprehensive database of property listings through OneKey MLS. This gives a buyer a broad range of options to consider.

Negotiating Skills—Realtors are skilled negotiators who can advocate on a buyer’s behalf. They have experience in handling negotiations with sellers and their listing agents to help a buyer secure the best possible deal.

Pricing Guidelines—Realtors can provide a comparative market analysis, which is a comprehensive assessment of a property’s value based on recent sales and market data. This helps ensure a buyer doesn’t overpay for a property.

Property Showings—Realtors can arrange and facilitate property showings, saving time and effort. They can also provide valuable information about each property and answer any questions a buyer may have.

Transaction Management—Buying a home is a complex process. Realtors can guide a buyer through the entire transaction, from making an offer to closing the deal, ensuring that all necessary documents (and there are many) are properly completed and submitted.

Recommendations and Resources—Realtors have a network of professionals in the real estate industry, including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, attorneys and other Realtors. They can recommend trusted individuals who can help with various aspects of the home-buying process. If a buyer has a home to sell in another location, a Realtor can make a referral through their trusted referral network to assist with the sale.

Due Diligence—Realtors can help perform due diligence on a property, ensuring buyers have the necessary information before making an offer. This includes researching property history, disclosures and potential issues.

Local Insights—Realtors can direct buyers on where to get information about local schools, amenities, transportation and other factors that may influence their decision to buy a home in a specific area.

Professional Representation—Being represented by a Realtor provides an extra layer of protection and professionalism. They can help navigate any challenges that arise during the buying process and ensure a buyer’s best interests are represented.

Streamlined Process—With a Realtor’s guidance, the home buying process can be more efficient and less overwhelming. They can help to prioritize tasks and avoid common pitfalls.

Overall, working with a Realtor can save you time, reduce stress and increase a buyer’s chance of finding the right home at the right price. Your expertise and support can make the entire home-buying journey smoother and more successful. Again, in my personal opinion, we are priceless.

On a totally separate note, I’d like to encourage all of our members to reach out to friends, family and clients who were impacted by the July 9 flooding throughout the Hudson Valley. Relief assistance is available for those affected by going to

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