HGAR Chief Executive Officer Richard Haggerty

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Enough!

Enough with the political grandstanding. Enough with the conspiracy theories. Enough with the inflammatory rhetoric that is tearing at the framework of our democratic institutions and creating baseless distrust of our electoral system—the backbone of our democracy.

We need to move on to the next chapter. We need to begin the process of healing the wounds of 2020 and we need to begin the process of healing our economy. Don’t for one second think that the stock market recovery from the dramatic March plunge in 2020 is a sign of a strong economy, nor is the housing recovery in the lower Hudson Valley, which was primarily fueled by people relocating out of New York City. COVID-19 has decimated large segments of our economy including travel, hospitality, arts and commercial real estate. A true sustainable recovery is going to require sacrifice and tough decisions. At the end of the day the suburban economy is directly tethered to the New York City economy and that recovery is going to take time, not to mention an effective rollout of the COVID vaccines.

For a sustainable recovery to occur it’s time to move on, renew our focus on doing whatever it takes to end this pandemic (wear a mask!), and turn the page on the 2020 election. When talking about healing the wounds of 2020, I must now include the wounds inflicted by the events of January 6th, 2021,  which will be etched in my brain for years to come. To witness rioters (those were not protestors) breaking into the Capitol by force and rampage, loot and threaten Capitol Police and elected officials, is a sight I never thought I would see, and hope to never see again.

Enough! Fires need oxygen to burn. It’s past time to cut off the oxygen, stop the misinformation, end the baseless accusations of election fraud, and put this fire out.

HGAR’s 2021 President, Crystal Hawkins Syska’s vision for 2021 is “fulfilling the American Promise,” and I cannot think of a worthier aspiration for the Realtor family to strive for. Too many people in this country continue to suffer from the effects of the pandemic; physically, emotionally and economically. The real estate community can and should play an important role in the recovery. However, to do that, WE HAVE TO MOVE ON!


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