HGAR Chief Executive Officer Richard Haggerty

In 1896 Adolph Simon Ochs purchased the New York Times and developed the tag line, “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” which is still used by the paper to this day. I feel the same way about Real Estate In-Depth. For the past 25 years, under the expert stewardship of Editor John Jordan, Real Estate In-Depth has delivered consistent, thorough, timely and often breaking real estate news, and we’ve done so when other publications have packed up their tents and gone home.

HGAR’s predecessor organization, the Westchester County Board of Realtors, had a long and storied history of publishing relevant news of the day for many years under the title of Westchester Realtor (over 95 years!). However, back in 1995, my predecessor and boss of many years, Gil Mercurio, decided it was time to step it up a notch, and he hired John Jordan to help in the creation of an expanded publication that would inform our members about the news of the day and it quickly became our association’s most consistent communications vehicle.

I must admit, in reviewing the brief list of major news stories John has covered over the last 25 years, it brought back a flood of memories. It is amazing how much this industry and this organization has evolved over that time. We now encompass six counties and have more than 12,000 members. The paper has gone through design changes and is now available both online as well as in print. However, what hasn’t changed is the quality of the writing or the timeliness of the stories. I’m especially proud of two new features, our daily e-mail news updates and our “Five Questions” series with newsmakers like retiring Congresswoman Nita Lowey and developer Robert Weisz, CEO of the RPW Group, which owns the most commercial real estate in Westchester County. Both of these ideas were John Jordan’s.

Please do take the time to review all of the list of contributors who help make Real Estate In-Depth so successful. We could not succeed without them. However, at the end of the day, the ultimate success of the publication truly comes down to two people; Gil Mercurio, whose vision and steadfast dedication to the publication cannot be matched, and John Jordan, who took that vision and made it into the reality that it is today.

Happy Birthday Real Estate In-Depth! You still look great at 25 years!

Regular Contributors to Newspaper

Derek Alger, writer
Adrienne Cardona, circulation, mailing
Marianna Nichols, circulation
David Arnold, advertising
Harriet Lerner, writer, advertising sales
Mary Prenon, writer, advertising
Mike Dardano, advertising
Maria Laidley, advertising
Myron Miller, editorial cartoonist
Julian Block, tax columnist
Edward I. Sumber, legal columnist
John Dolgetta, legal columnist
Philip Weiden, legislative columnist
Linda Sands, technology columnist
John Vrooman, technology columnist
Donald Arace, mortgage columnist
Jeff Strauss, mortgage columnist
Edna Haber, mortgage columnist
Jeff Pardes, mortgage columnist
Robert Withers, mortgage columnist
P. Gilbert Mercurio, writer, columnist
Richard Haggerty, columnist
Jennifer Maher, columnist
Brian Levine, columnist
Leon Cameron, columnist
John Jordan, writer, editor
John Vecchiolla, photography
Teri Vitaliani, Membership, RPAC, Calendar
Roseanne Lionetti, Membership
Jessica Mandakas, Membership
Eileen Taus, Education
Vicki D’Agostino, Education
Lisa Andrade, Education
Bart D’Andrea, art director

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