Kenyatta Jones-Arietta

“You have to be in it to win it.”

“You have to spend money to make money.”

I’m sure you’ve heard these phrases and similar sayings over the years. As a real estate consultant, agent, or salesperson, you are an independent contractor. And that means that you, my friend, work for yourself (under the guidance of your broker and/or office manager.)

Yes, the company should be advertising to attract potential customers and clients to the brand, but you have to do your part to trigger potential buyers and sellers to consider you as an expert they can reach out to for possible representation when they are ready to make a move.

Real estate 101 is that you won’t generate any business if you are a “secret” agent. And not marketing yourself as the expert that you are on a regular basis is pretty much like being just that. Years ago, it only took approximately eight touches for people to keep you in mind as their possible “go to” for assisting them in selling or purchasing a home. Now, with the digital age and the inundation of real estate licensees, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the fray.

You’re not as busy as you were last year so you’ve cut down on your marketing to cut down on your expenses. Oh yeah? Well, you’ve also cut down on how much and how often your message is amplified. That means less people seeing and hearing about you.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and purchase a 30-second spot on mainstream TV during halftime of the Super Bowl, but you and I both know that you are not exhibiting the same momentum you did 12 months ago. So, what gives? Do you still want this? You do still believe in yourself, don’t you?

When was the last time you posted about real estate on your social media platforms? And that’s an easy one because it costs you nothing but time. For a faster jolt in your business, consider purchasing some leads. With the real estate market being in a downturn and a lot of agents losing confidence and pulling out of their campaigns, you can probably pick up leads for less. And by all means, be sure to work them!

Surviving in real estate or any sort of competitive business requires you to carry a spark and to keep the circuit alive. When you stop because the market got a little slower, you stop the driving force that keeps business coming. You can’t just be the “light” when business is flowing or when you have a fantastic listing because as we know, there are cycles to everything, including real estate.

In order to be and remain successful, you have to believe in yourself enough to know that the business will come. Keep the positive channels open and your message visible. If not, the agent who kept the light flickering and powered up with more fuel (more advertising and marketing) will be on fire while your business will most likely be extinguished like the light on top of the candles of your last birthday cake. Make a wish but don’t blow out the candles.

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