HG Realtor Foundation Pub Night Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Bonnie Koff, HG Realtor Foundation Fundraising Chair

From left, Carol Christiansen and Roseann Paggiotta

From left, Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO, Ruth Lara Deane and Sean Deane

From left, Susanne Thiessen, Gabriela Kosek, Cynthia Leite, Dave Moore and Gail Fattizzi

From left, Jane Abbate, Suzan Zeolla, Susan Code, Ruzhe Ivezic, Houlihan Lawrence Briarcliff Office

From left, Sander Koudijs, Richard Haggerty, Leah Caro, Beth Hargraves and Marcene Hedayati

From left, Bob McLoughlin, Sarah Hughes, Gladys Disisto and Doreen Zuccaro

From left, Bob McLoughlin, Brenda Misuraca, Phyllis Lerner, Hans Schindhelm and Rob Misuraca

From left, Kathy Kane, Ron Sierra, Beth Hargraves, Bonnie Koff and Cathleen Stack (seated)

From left, Gianna D ’Ambrosio, Leah Caro and Leo Gjoni


From left, Anthony Domathoti and Eric Stuerken

The May 4th event held at the Los Abuelos Restaurant in Ossining.

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