July 2020 Featured Classes

July 2020 Zoom Course Calendar

HGAR Classes are Currently Being Offered Via Zoom!
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July 7, 2020-   NEW! CORE Day- Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing & Legal* with Dorothy Botsoe

July 8, 2020-   NEW! Overlooking the Obvious– It’s Right Under Your Nose* with David Moore

July 10, 2020NEW! Is That Pony A Pet? Understanding Assistance Animals* (Fair Housing) with Katheryn DeClerck

July 13, 2020 Pricing Strategies For Listings and Listing Presentations* with Katheryn DeClerck

July 14, 2020- Instanet & Authentisign* with Katheryn DeClerck

HomeSnap Mobile App* with Katheryn DeClerck

July 15, 2020- NEW! Successfully Selling HUD Homes* with Linda Lugo

July 16, 2020 Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with Katheryn DeClerck

July 17, 2020- RPR Educational Marketing Data* with Jay Gootenberg

July 20, 2020- Ethiquette – Ethics + 1 hr. Agency* with Katheryn DeClerck

July 23, 2020- Real Estate Auctions 101* with Frank Pietrzak

July 24, 2020- NEW! Ethical Business Practices* with Peter Mallon

NEW! It’s The Same O-L-D-C-A-R* with Carole McCann

July 27, 2020- Matrix 2: The Next Step into Matrix* with Katheryn DeClerck

July 28, 2020- Legal Update* with William O’Keefe

Human Rights and Fair Housing* with Dorothy Botsoe

July 29, 2020- NEW! My Seller is Distressed! Is This A Short Sale? (FH & 2 hrs. Agency)* with Dorothy Botsoe

July 30, 2020- NEW! Municipal-owned Property Deed Auction* with Frank Pietrzak

July 31, 2020- Matrix 3: Matrix to the Max* with Katheryn DeClerck

*Course meets Virtual Card Requirement

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