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June 3 –   Work w/ Municipalities – Navigating the Assessors Office/Building Dept. Like a Pro* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 4 – RPR 101: The Basics of RPR and RPR Mobile* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 7 – CIPS: Europe & International Real Estate with Linda Lugo

June 8 – Working w/ Sellers & Landlords from Listing Appt. to Moving Truck & Beyond (1hr. Agency)* with Katheryn DeClerck

Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with Ismail Kolya

June 9 – Developing Great Relationships w/ Attorneys- Disarming the Pesky Deal Killer Type* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 10 – CORE Day* with Dorothy Botsoe

June 11 – RPR 201: Servicing Sellers with RPR Comp Analysis and Market Reports* with Katheryn DeClerck

Anatomy of a Home I: Roof, Ventilation, Insulation, Exterior Walls and Foundation* with Josef Fasolino

June 13 – Instanet Forms & AuthentiSign (Sunday Course)* with Katheryn DeClerck

HomeSnap: How to Provide Exceptional Service w/ Fastest Growing Mobile Platform (Sunday Course)* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 14 – Double Trouble: Antitrust & Misrepresentation* Roseanne Farrow

Capture and Serve the 50+ Market!* with Roseanne Farrow

June 15 – Human Rights and Fair Housing* with Dorothy Botsoe

June 16 – Ethical Business Practices* with Peter Mallon

June 17 – Legal Update* with William O’Keeffe

Agency Update/CORE Requirement* with Carole McCann

June 18 – RPR 202: Creating an Exceptional Buyer Experience using RPR* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 21 – CIPS: Asia/Pacific & International Real Estate with Linda Lugo

June 23 – Matrix 2: The Next Step into Matrix* with Ismail Kolya

Understanding Assessments & Taxes/Due Diligence for Your Buyers & Sellers* with Richard O’Donnell

June 24 – Co-ops and Condos* with Barry Kramer

June 25 – RPR 203: Building Needed Inventory Utilizing RPR* with Katheryn DeClerck

Anatomy of a House II: Heating System, Hot Water Systems, Fuels, Air Conditioning* with Josef Fasolino

June 29 – Buyer Transactions From PreApproval to Walk Through and Beyond* with Katheryn DeClerck

June 30 – Matrix 3: Matrix to the Max* with Ismail Kolya

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