Lisa DeRosa Re-Elected as BRI President

Lisa DeRosa Re-Elected as BRI President

The Board of Trustees recently finalized the election of members to top leadership positions within the Building and Realty Institute. The newly-elected roles were formally introduced during the organization’s Holiday Networking Reception on December 6th. Lisa DeRosa was re-elected as BRI President along with Brett Larocque for BRI’s Secretary position. Christine McCabe was appointed as the BRI’s Treasurer.

DeRosa has been serving as BRI President since 2020, being the first female in the organization’s history to do so. She has also been the President of DeRosa Builders, Inc. since 2016. Prior to becoming BRI’s President, she served as a Vice Chair of the Apartment Owners Advisory Council from 2016 to 2020 and as a member of the BRI’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2020. She has also been a member of the BRI’s Negotiating Committee during its labor contract negotiations with Local 32BJ Service Employees International Union.

Larocque has been Fidelity National Title’s Vice President since 1991. He has served on the BRI’s Board of Trustees for many years as well as heading the organization’s Special Events Committee. He has been re-elected for BRI’s Secretary position for the upcoming year. McCabe will be the first member of the Condominium and Cooperative Advisory Council to be elected to a top officer position within the BRI. She’s been at the forefront of advocacy issues by interacting directly with legislators on key topics affecting co-op and condo owners.

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