March 2024 Featured Courses

March 2024 Featured Courses

Courses listed here that include an asterisk (*) qualify for the Virtual Education Card. (Don't miss the special offer to save $50 on your continuing education at the bottom of the class list!)

March 1

Anatomy of a House I: Roof, Ventilation, Insulation* with Josef Fasolino

March 5

Today’s Mortgage Program Options: Every Realtor Needs to Know* with Sheetal Sawhney

 March 6

CIRE – Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certification Program with Edward Smith, Jr.

Buyer Confusions in a Transitioning Market* with Katheryn DeClerck

 March 7

Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with Donna Bruno

 March 8

Anatomy of House II: Heating Systems, Hot Water Systems, Fuels, Air Conditioning* with Josef Fasolino

March 14

Matrix 2: The Next Step in Matrix* with Donna Bruno

March 18

Legal Update* with Alex Wolf

Fair Housing for Today* with Carole McCann

 March 19

Realtor Hunger Games – Implicit Bias* with Katheryn DeClerck

Cultural Competence: A Real Estate Perspective* with Katheryn DeClerck

203K Government Rehab Loan Guidelines and Updates* with Sheetal Sawhney

March 20

Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Ethics and Agency* with Elizabeth Bouche

March 21

Matrix 3: Matrix to the Max* with Donna Bruno

March 22

Anatomy of a House III: Plumbing and Electrical Systems* with Josef Fasolino

March 26

Understanding Assessments & Taxes/Due Diligence for Your Buyers & Sellers* with Richard O’Donnell

FHA Guidelines and Updates* with Sheetal Sawhney

 March 27

Legal Update* with William O’Keeffe

March 28

Working with Municipalities- Navigating the Assessors Office/Building Department Like a Pro* with Katheryn DeClerck

Agency Update: Agency Hot Spots* with Carole McCann

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