MIPIM 2022 Conference Focused on ‘Driving Urban Change’

MIPIM 2022 Conference Focused on ‘Driving Urban Change’
From left, HGAR President-Elect Tony D’Anzica, HGAR CEO Richard Haggerty, HGAR Treasurer Carmen Bauman, HGAR Chief Marketing Officer Cathleen Stack and HGAR President Anthony Domathoti.

Editor’s Note: A contingent of Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors members and staff attended the MIPIM 2022 conference in Cannes, France from March 15-March 18.

From left, HGAR President-Elect Tony D’Anzica, HGAR President Anthony Domathoti and HGAR Treasurer Carmen Bauman

Using the theme of “Driving Urban Change,” MIPIM organizers offered information about making communities more sustainable, livable, affordable and resilient in the wake of COVID-19. Organizers appealed to the real estate industry to drive change in homes, offices, factories, healthcare facilities and other public spaces.

Programming centered around six concepts:

Cities for Citizens—The big debate
Housing First—Back to essentiality
Green is the new black—The new deal
The Office Uprising—Innovating to bounce back
Real Estate: much more than an asset—a jump in a financial market
Real Estate Tech—Future is now!

Cathleen Stack, Raj Rajpal, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Teresa Croake Mueller, Global CRE Chair, Anthony Domathoti, Eliane Ribiero, Grupo RE/MAX Latina and Tony D’Anzica

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink and challenge assumptions with the global real estate industry driving change across livability, sustainability, resilience, and affordability.

The attendees were honored to welcome former French President François Hollande to deliver the opening address of this year’s event.

Introducing the former French President, Ronan Vaspart, MIPIM’s Managing Director, highlighted four key things shaping discussions at this important 31st edition of MIPIM, “Driving Urban Change”. These were: Sustainability, Mobility, Affordability and Resilience.

Touching on a key issue, Hollande said, “We must build more housing, densify the city and for this we must remove apprehensions about building permits.”

From left, HGAR President-Elect Tony D’Anzica, HGAR President, Anthony Domathoti and HGAR CEO Richard Haggerty

Spotlight U.S.A. presented investment opportunities in the United States from leaders of U.S. cities and states. Speakers showcased their market’s developments, incentives, and economic information and why you should choose the U.S.A. Anthony Domathoti, President of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, presented investment opportunities in New York City and the Hudson Valley with a keen focus on Life and Bioscience sectors.

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