New Poll Says 87% of New Yorkers Approve of Gov. Cuomo’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic

New Poll Says 87% of New Yorkers Approve of Gov. Cuomo’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic

LOUDONVILLE, NY—New Yorkers overwhelmingly approve of the job Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing to address the coronavirus pandemic, 87%-11%, according to a newly released Siena College poll. They also give overwhelmingly high marks to their local health department, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as their local government leaders and the CDC.

New Yorkers disapprove of the job Vice President Mike Pence is doing, 47%-41%, and they disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing by as 56%-41% margin, according to a new Siena College Poll of registered New York State voters released on March 30.

Ninety-two percent of New Yorkers say they’re very (73%) or somewhat (19%) concerned about the pandemic, and 79% say they are very (42%) or somewhat (37%) concerned about getting the coronavirus themselves. Nearly one-third of voters, 31%, say they know someone who tested positive.

“In the midst of this global pandemic, New Yorkers approve of Governor Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic with near universal support. At least 85% of voters from every region approve of his handling of the crisis, as do 95% of Democrats, 87% of independents and even 70% of Republicans,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “President Trump, on the other hand, gets praise from 82% of Republicans, but 52% of independents and 79% of Democrats disapprove of the job he’s doing.”

He added, “Similarly, by a 79%-18% margin – including at least 74% from every region and party—voters say New York State government is doing everything it can to protect the health of New Yorkers. However, by a 53%-43% margin, they say the federal government is not doing all it can to protect Americans’ health. Although 82% of Republicans say the feds are doing all they can, 52% of independents and 71% of Democrats say they’re not.”

“Not surprising given how fast this pandemic has overtaken nearly everyone’s lives, at least 85% of voters from every region and party are very or somewhat concerned about the pandemic, and at least 64% from every region and party are at least somewhat concerned that they will be infected with the virus,” Greenberg said. “While about 40% of downstaters personally know someone who has tested positive, only 14% of upstaters personally know someone.”

The poll results also show that 4% of voters say they are in a household with someone who has tested positive and 10% say someone is sick but not tested. One-third say that someone in their household is either under mandatory or voluntary quarantine. Twenty-six percent say someone in their household has been laid off and 53% say someone is working from home. Twenty-eight percent say a neighbor or friend has checked in or assisted them.

“One of every three New York City voters lives in a household where someone has been laid off, while the same is true in 24% of downstate suburban and 19% of upstate households. And nearly 60% of downstate households and 44% of upstate households have someone working from home,” Greenberg said. “Sadly, only a little more than one-quarter of New Yorkers say that a friend or neighbor has checked in on them or provided them with some assistance, with little variation by region or age.

He noted that 70% of Republicans and 57% of independents think “things will be back to normal sometime soon,” while 54% of Democrats say they are not confident we “will be back to normal anytime soon.” Upstaters and downstate suburbanites are optimistic that a return to normalcy will happen sometime soon. The poll also indicated that voters 55 and older are the optimists, while those under 55 are virtually evenly divided.”

By a 59-33% margin, voters say the federal government is not doing enough to meet the financial needs of average Americans. By 48-37%, they say the feds are not doing enough to meet the most affected industries. And by 63-24%, they say the feds are not meeting the financial needs of small businesses.

This Siena College Poll was conducted March 22-26, 2020 by telephone calls conducted in English to 566 New York State registered voters.

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