New York State Housing Authorities to Receive $3.3 Billion in HUD Funding

The New York City Housing Authority received the largest funding allocation in the New York metro region at more than $1.5 billion.

New York State Housing Authorities to Receive $3.3 Billion in HUD Funding

NEW YORK –The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced on May 15 a total of $30 billion in renewal funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This funding will help Public Housing Authorities continue to provide assistance to families and individuals who are in need of affordable housing options. New York State housing authorities were awarded $3,342,654,520.

The New York City Housing Authority received the largest funding allocation in the New York metro region at more than $1.5 billion. (See list below)

“These housing choice vouchers will offer more families the necessary relief they need to have continued access to safe, affordable housing options and increase our nation’s housing supply,” said HUD Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman. “Currently, this country is in a housing deficit as we are 2 million homes short of the amount needed and as HUD’s single largest investment in affordable housing, public housing authorities will have the ability to provide more housing options to their constituents and continue to combat this nation’s housing affordability crisis. 

“HUD Housing Choice Vouchers are a lifeline for low-income families,” said Alicka Ampry-Samuel, HUD Regional Administrator for New York and New Jersey. “Vouchers provide renters with financial stability and give landlords the peace of mind of knowing that the rent will be paid on time. This HUD resource also allows families to move anywhere in the United States and keep their rental subsidy.”    

Since last year, the HCV program saw a $2-billion increase in funding to help maintain housing vouchers for families across the country. Since 2022, this budget allocation has grown nearly 20% (more than $4 billion), allowing the value of a Housing Choice Voucher to keep pace with rising rental costs, and helping to make sure that voucher holders can continue to access neighborhoods of opportunity, HUD officials stated.

“The HCV program is the most successful rental program ever conceived,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, Richard J. Monocchio. “Not only do housing vouchers free up income for basic needs, but when families are able to live in stable, affordable housing in low-poverty communities, we see higher cognitive test scores and educational outcomes for children and increased chances of attending college and earning more as adults.” 

Housing Vouchers assist more than 2.3 million families in need of housing, including families with children, older adults, veterans, and people with disabilities, making it the most effective intervention to reduce homelessness and housing instability. Housing Vouchers offer families flexibility and a wider range of affordable housing options in communities with better schools, or access to jobs or other opportunities, but landlords must be willing to accept vouchers for them to be effective.  

The following is a list of communities in the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors’ market area that received funding below:

The Municipal Housing Authority of Yonkers: $59,751,250

New York City Housing Authority: $1,512,829,939

HA Of Mount Kisco: $1,683,315

White Plains Housing Authority: $10,607,961

Kingston Housing Authority: $2,961,643

Newburgh Housing Authority: $2,154,809

HA of Greenburgh: $5,119,537

HA Of Monticello: $1,882,661

Town of Ramapo Housing Authority: $14,391,979

HA Of New Rochelle: $7,233,192

Village of Ossining: $2,756,469

The City of New York: $572,765,433

City of New Rochelle: $10,661,138

Village of Nyack Housing Authority: $2,840,763

City of Peekskill: $9,049,034

Village of Highland Falls: $703,444

Town of Yorktown: $1,891,502

Port Jervis Community Development Agency: $1,662,656

Village of New Square PHA: $11,762,147

Village of Spring Valley CDA: $11,709,921

Village of Kiryas Joel Housing Authority: $4,629,154

Housing Authority of Tuckahoe: $2,065,317

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