Northwest MLS Executive Appointed to OneKey® MLS Board of Managers

Hurdlelbrink, former CEO of NWMLS, will help OneKey® MLS empower subscribers by curating products and building services that support their success.

Tom Hurdelbrink, Outside Manager, OneKey® MLS Board of Managers
Tom Hurdelbrink, Outside Manager, OneKey® MLS Board of Managers

FARMINGDALE, NY—OneKey® MLS, the largest MLS in New York State, has announced the appointment of Tom Hurdelbrink, President and CEO of Northwest MLS (NWMLS), to serve as an Outside Manager on its Board of Managers for 2024.

OneKey® MLS remains true to its mission to be the ONE Source Real Estate Marketplace for subscribers and consumers alike. This continues to be made possible by the expert guidance and leadership provided by the OneKey MLS Board of Managers. The addition of Hurdelbrink adds a new dimension and brings a wealth of experience to the governing Board of OneKey MLS, officials with OneKey MLS stated.

Hurdelbrink has served as President and CEO of NWMLS, a groundbreaking Kirkland, WA-based MLS that serves 35,000 Realtor and non-Realtor licensees across Washington State and beyond. For the past 15 years, he has overseen the strategic direction and delivery of member policies, fostered ethical relationships, and championed the implementation of technological innovation for the real estate industry at large. Most recently, he was named the 2023 CMLS Peter Shuttleworth CMLS Executive of the Year.

Richard Haggerty, OneKey® MLS CEO said, “In getting to know Tom, I see how his talents align with our strategic pursuit to empower subscribers by curating products and building on services that support their success.”

Joining Hurdelbrink on the OneKey® MLS Board of Managers are two incumbents who have served as Outside Managers for OneKey® MLS since inception. Alon Chaver, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and industry tech and brokerage executive, brings contemporary sensibility to the boardroom. His focus is on strengthening the relationships between participants and subscribers and the consumers they serve. Travis Conway, an expert in data aggregation and reporting across multiple industries, guides the MLS in creating a more satisfying user experience.

These three specialists will serve as Outside Managers alongside 10 seasoned MLS participants who volunteer their time to represent their respective regions and govern the MLS. Chairperson Frank DellAccio, Vice Chairperson Mark Boyland, Leah Caro, Melissa Gomez, Pati Holmes, and Linda Lugo return to serve on the Board of Managers in 2024, alongside newly appointed Managers Christopher Bacchus, Jason Furnari, Moses Seuram, and Mary Stetson.

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