Orange County IDA Launches Shovel Ready Development Site Initiative With RFQ Release

Orange County IDA Launches Shovel Ready Development Site Initiative With RFQ Release
OCIDA’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Fioravanti

GOSHEN—The Orange County Industrial Development Agency in an attempt to secure new shovel-ready development sites has launched an initiative aimed at creating the link between infrastructure, zoning, land use and economic development opportunities in a cost-efficient manner. The IDA states that its intent is to maximize the economic benefit of potential projects involving both re-use of existing buildings/parcels as well as expansion of service areas.

While Orange County has continued to increase in population in recent years through in-migration, many of the previously prepared sites for economic development have been utilized thus requiring the launch of its Shovel Ready Site Evaluation initiative.

As the first phase of the new initiative, the OCIDA has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) through which it seeks to obtain professional services for the following deliverables, among others:

• Inventory of available Orange County properties suitable for development;

• Analysis of land use and zoning opportunities and restrictions; and

• Recommendations of potential infrastructure management and development that would enable Orange County to secure top-tier business attraction and expansion projects.

Bill Fioravanti, the OCIDA’s Chief Executive Officer, explained, “While Orange County has enjoyed unparalleled economic development over the past several years, one of our major barriers in keeping up that pace is a current shortfall of suitable properties that are truly ready to attract a great project. This process will allow us to inventory and assess our most strategic sites, and it will provide us a roadmap for how to prepare and position those properties to attract the biggest wins possible for Orange County.”

The deadline for responses to the OCIDA’s RFQ is Friday, May 6th, 2022. Inquiries on the Shovel Ready Site Evaluation program should be made to Bill Fioravanti at the OCIDA at (845) 234-4192.

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