Patricia Zariello Joins R2M Realty's Pearl River Location

Patricia Zariello, R2M Realty
Patricia Zariello, R2M Realty

R2M Realty has announced that Patricia Zariello has joined its roster of agents at its Pearl River location. The brokerage stated that Zariello was motivated by a family connection to the real estate industry and her own desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. She made the decision to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and dive into the world of real estate.

Zariello, who was recently licensed with R2M Realty to practice real estate in New York and New Jersey, said, “Having grown up in a household where real estate was a constant topic of conversation, I was fortunate to witness the impact my late grandfather and well-respected broker in Rockland, had on the community. Pat Matone’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction left a lasting impression on me.”

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