Realtors Should Revisit and Find Out the Latest on Chrome Extensions on Android and

Realtors Should Revisit and Find Out the Latest on Chrome Extensions on Android and
John Vrooman

Often the help you need can be found at! When was the last time you explored (or re-explored) the site? There’s helpful information, news, resources and more to be (re)discovered. If you don’t have the time or interest in doing a deep dive at the site, consider at least visiting (and bookmarking) the following web page as it provides links to several helpful resources that will likely come in handy at some point…

Some Desktop Chrome Browser Extensions Can Be Used on Android

If you’re an Android user and wish you could use certain desktop Chrome browser extensions on your Android device, you might be able to! If this topic interests you, check out the article titled “How to Install Desktop Chrome Extensions on Android.” With a little work and luck, you may soon be able to enjoy a previously “desktop browsing only” benefit on your mobile Android device. Here’s a link to the article… (A Alternative)

Would you like to write more effectively and error-free? If so, I would encourage you to learn about When you visit and explore the website you’ll discover and learn about the site’s powerful writing tool/service (and some additional writing-related resources). After you familiarize yourself with the website’s services, tools and resources, I recommend that you also visit the company’s YouTube channel. When you get there, look for the video playlist that’s titled “How to Use ProWritingAid.” The just mentioned playlist will help you quickly and easily learn about the product’s features and capabilities. To get to the service’s website, please visit To get to the above-mentioned playlist of videos, visit this link… is Still Pretty Amazing is a useful site that’s been around for many years. If you’re not familiar with it, I’m confident that shortly after arriving at the site you’ll have a WOW reaction to it. Briefly, the site is simply an impressive and organized compendium of many other sites. Warning! can be quite a rabbit hole when you first discover it, so consider visiting it when you’re not short on time. Here’s a link to’s “site map” that serves as a good starting place to get an idea of all that the site has to offer…

Microsoft Edge Continues to Improve

If you previously gave up on Microsoft’s “Internet Explorer” and earlier (non-Chromium source code based) “Microsoft Edge” web browsers, you might want to try Microsoft’s latest (Chromium source code-based) version of Microsoft Edge. Since you can now install Google Chrome Web Store extensions into Microsoft Edge, you can now configure both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in very similar ways. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Edge and what improvements have recently been made (as well as what’s being worked on), the following resources can help… &

Microsoft Edge tip (especially for those who have wide screens/monitors). Microsoft Edge recently obtained a new “vertical tabs” feature. As this new feature’s name implies, vertical tabs allow you to display Microsoft Edge tabs vertically (instead of horizontally). To learn more about vertical tabs and how to enable and use them, simply visit and locate the article that’s titled “How to Work with Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge?” Here’s a courtesy link to it…

YouTube Channel Creation Help

Are you’re interested in creating a YouTube channel for yourself? Would you also be interested in watching some helpful videos on the topic? If so, you can quickly find a whole bunch of videos on the topic of creating a YouTube channel by simply performing a YouTube search using “how to create a YouTube channel 2021” as your search phrase/keywords. Here’s a link that does just that…

Search YouTube Using Hashtags

I’m confident that most readers of this column are familiar with the practice of visiting and doing keyword searches to find keyword-related videos. In contrast, I’m not confident that many column readers know about, or know how to use hashtags when performing YouTube searches. Whether or not you’re familiar with hashtags, I would encourage you to review a helpful article titled “How to Search for YouTube Videos by Hashtag” that I came across at the website. If the just mentioned article sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more about how hashtags can and are used at, please visit the following link…


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