Some Local GOP Politicos Line Up Against Gov. Hochul’s Housing Plan

Some Local GOP Politicos Line Up Against Gov. Hochul’s Housing Plan
Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi

MOUNT PLEASANT, NY—Add Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi to a growing list of mainly Republican government officials who have come out against Gov. Kathy Hochul’s “New York Compact” housing plan that calls for the development of 800,000 new housing units over the next three years.

Fulgenzi in a prepared statement cited the state’s home rule law in his opposition to the governor’s proposal that calls for downstate communities to increase their housing stock by 3%. The Republican Town Supervisor states that he will strongly oppose Hochul’s plan to potentially override local zoning and planning regulations, calling the initiative “unconstitutional, unnecessary and a very real threat to the character and quality of life in municipalities state-wide.”

“The governor’s proposal to force communities to add housing where she thinks it should be is a slap in the face to every local municipality in the state,” Fulgenzi stated. “I still believe in government by the people, for the people, not something dictated or mandated by one level of government on another. And that is the direction the governor has decided to go by attempting to force her will through her New York Housing Compact.”

The governor’s plan also focuses on promoting the development of new housing communities adjacent to MTA train stations, which would impact both Valhalla and Hawthorne that are part of the Town of Mount Pleasant.

Fulgenzi noted that Mount Pleasant recently amended its Comprehensive Plan after four years of thorough study and community input. “Our focus was on the commercial corridors adjacent to the Metro-North Harlem line and the Valhalla and Hawthorne stations. We have created the opportunity for new, smart and appropriately scaled transit-oriented, multi-family uses in the limited re-zoned areas,” he said. “One project is already underway, and others are in the discussion stages. We are doing our part to provide new housing opportunities, and we will continue to do so in ways that are appropriate for our community.”

The Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor is not the only GOP lawmaker to come out against Hochul’s “New York Compact” initiative. Rockland County Executive Ed Day released a statement of opposition shortly after the governor outlined her proposal earlier this month.

Day said that he and the county’s Planning Department believe that a component of the plan that promotes Accessory Dwelling Units “is extremely problematic and does not account for differences between rural, suburban and urban communities and I’m concerned there is a strong likelihood that the character of our county could be changed forever.”

Like Fulgenzi, Rockland County Executive Day also bristled at the compact’s requirements for municipalities to change zoning to meet mandatory housing goals stating that the concept violates the State Constitution. Day stated that he “will continue to stand firmly in opposition to any politically-based plan that undermines New York State Home Rule regulations and municipal law ordinances. My administration will keep all our options open in order to stop this plan in its tracks.”

U.S. Rep. Mike Lawler (R-17) also announced his strong opposition to the Hochul housing plan.

“Threatening to remove a municipality’s control of local zoning if they don’t meet housing goals while not providing the adequate resources necessary for said municipalities to improve their infrastructure to support the additional population is oxymoronic,” said Rep. Lawler. “It’s a direct assault on towns like Mount Pleasant, Yorktown, Carmel, Clarkstown, and others all across the 17th District, and we won’t tolerate it.”

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