The Latest on: Excelsior Pass Help, Bookmark Management Options, Sales Writing Tips, Citing Sources Help

The Latest on: Excelsior Pass Help, Bookmark Management Options, Sales Writing Tips, Citing Sources Help
John Vrooman

This month I am going to start by focusing attention on New York State’s Excelsior Pass, and Excelsior Pass Plus webpage and related/companion Smartphone app. The blocks of descriptive text below come from the following webpage… (I suggest you bookmark this webpage on all your computers and devices.)

What is Excelsior Pass?

Excelsior Pass is secure and is digital proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results. Excelsior Pass is only accepted in New York State by participating businesses and venues; available for negative test results (PCR Test or Antigen Test) and does not include COVID-19 vaccination dates and dosage information.

You can print your Excelsior Pass directly from the web portal, store the Pass to the New York State Excelsior Wallet on your smartphone, and/or add the Pass to supported mobile phone wallets.”

What is Excelsior Pass Plus?

Excelsior Pass Plus is a secure, digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record. Your Pass Plus provides safe access to your vaccination information and includes vaccine type, site, and date of your vaccination, just like your paper CDC Card. The inclusion of this health information enables interested New Yorkers to have a verifiable record of their COVID-19 vaccination history at their fingertips, for record-keeping and/or usage outside of New York State.

You can print your Excelsior Pass Plus directly from the web portal and/or store the Pass Plus to the New York State Wallet App on your smartphone.

Excelsior Pass Plus is currently available in English. Additional languages will be rolled out in the near future.

In addition to the information above, the webpage also provides links (at the bottom of the webpage) to additional information and helpful resources that I encourage you to visit and explore. In particular, I want to draw your attention to the “Feedback & Support.” Link. The “Feedback & Support” link is particularly helpful should you need help installing or troubleshooting the Excelsior Pass Smartphone app.

Good luck with the above if it’s new or helpful information!

Organize Your Browser’s Bookmarks/Favorites

If you want to organize your browser’s “bookmarks” (Chrome/Firefox browsers) or “Favorites” (Edge browser), the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O should open your browser’s Bookmarks/Favorites manager. For many people, the built-in bookmark management system that comes as part of their web browser(s) is satisfactory, and if that’s true for you, great! However, there are many other bookmark management options that you might want to take some time to evaluate and consider. The following link leads to an article titled “What are the best ways to organize bookmarks?” …

I reviewed and evaluated several of the bookmarking solutions that are available on the webpage above. As a result of this effort, I’m now taking a closer look at the Diigo product/service (it appears to be a powerful solution). If you would like to take a closer look at this product/service to see all that it has to offer, here’s a courtesy link…

Tips for More Effective Sales Writing

If you are in sales and find yourself writing sales-related content, I’d like to share and encourage you to check out an article I came across at that is titled “How to Write Copy That Sells (Anything): 102 Tips & Examples.” The article is a bit long, but it is easy to skim. Hmm, would it be a good idea to create a “writing checklist” that includes some of the items that are highlighted in the article? Regardless, here’s a link to the article…

When Writing, Would You Like Some Help Citing Sources?

When writing, properly citing sources takes extra time, effort (and space). Fortunately, there are numerous online tools available that can help anyone to properly cite their sources. If/when you find yourself in a situation where you want to include a citation, I would encourage you to review a article titled “Free Online Tools to Cite Sources and Format References for Your Paper” that is available here… (This is a “do as I say, not as I do” suggestion.)

Did You Lose Your Device’s User Manual?

I recently learned about a nifty website called The purpose of the site is to help you find product user manuals. I tested the site by searching for user manuals for some of my own devices and household appliances. The site found the exact manual for most products searched for and for those it didn’t, in some cases, it did find manuals for closely related product models that in some cases were good and close enough to still be useful. I would encourage you to visit and bookmark the site for possible future reference…


If you have any comments, suggestions, tips, or questions, you can e-mail John at

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