The Latest on Highlighting Webpage Text, Route Planning, New Phone RCS Issue, Lesser-Known Gmail Features and More

The Latest on Highlighting Webpage Text, Route Planning, New Phone RCS Issue, Lesser-Known Gmail Features and More
John Vrooman

Imagine you are a sales manager who spent the last 10 minutes reading an article that discussed some helpful sales tips. If you decide to send the article to 10 others, about 100 minutes of reading time will cumulatively be invested by all who received your message. If you continue to send articles to others, the overall amount of message processing time that everyone will be investing in working through your messages increases quickly!

To combat this situation, you should consider learning how to highlight and/or annotate things that you send to others. By highlighting/annotating your communications, you help to draw attention to the communication’s main points. The following links lead to several tools that can help you to highlight and/or annotate webpages…1) Liner –; 2) Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web –, 3) Hypothesis –; 4) Weava –, and 5) a article that discusses a free Google Chrome tool/capability that enables you to directly link to a text fragment within a webpage…

Route Planning Help

Sometimes you may want to take a custom (not a GPS’s automatically calculated fastest, shortest, etc.) route that includes several stops (a.k.a. waypoints). When that situation arises, it’s helpful to use tools that specialize in accomplishing such a task. The following link will lead you to a webpage that lists several options that can help you achieve the above goal…

Tip: Turn RCS Off on Your Old Phone,
Before Activating a New Phone

In a nutshell, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a newer and more capable messaging technology than is SMS (Short Message Service). Unfortunately, some (typically Android) phones still can’t use RCS technology without first adding an app, or applying a/some settings tweaks. The following link leads to a couple of articles. One of the articles discusses what RCS messaging is all about, and the other discusses an RCS-related issue that you should be aware of before activating a new mobile phone…

Some Lesser-Known Gmail Features to Consider

If you’re a Gmail user, I would encourage you to review the tips found in a article titled “12 incredibly useful Gmail settings you didn’t know you needed.” I’m confident that most Gmail users will not be familiar with all the features that the article discusses. If you’re interested in upping your Gmail game, here’s a link to the article…

Apps to Check Out

Like many of you, I often click on interesting-looking links that I come across on blogs, newsletters, articles, social media posts, etc. At I recently stumbled upon an article titled “29 Best Real Estate Apps for 2021.” I’m glad I did because, within the text of each app reviewed, the author includes two sections that I wish all real estate app reviews included. The two sections are 1) “What Do Realtors Use [App Name] For?” and 2) “[App name] Integrations (What Other Real Estate Apps [App Name] Works Seamlessly With).” Here’s a courtesy link to the article…

How to Delete Your YouTube History and Search Activity

When you find yourself in a situation where you want to delete your YouTube watch and/or search histories, the following link will lead you to an article titled “How to Delete YouTube History and Search Activity” that covers these topics in a step-by-step manner…

Multitasking on an iPadOS Device

If you have a more recent iPad (e.g., iPad models that run Apple’s iPadOS) you should familiarize yourself with the multitasking features/capabilities that may be available on your device. (Unfortunately, not all multitasking capabilities are available on all iPadOS devices.)

To help you find and use the latest iPadOS multitasking features (e.g. Slide Over, Split View, Picture in Picture) and related gestures and drag and drop operations, please visit the following Apple Support webpage titled “Use Multitasking on your iPad”…

Tip: If you visit and search for “iPadOS 14 multitasking gestures slide over split-view picture in picture” the search results will include many videos that collectively cover all the multitasking related topics mentioned above.

Here are some links that will lead you to some helpful videos on YouTube that relate to some of the topics mentioned above: 1) How to use Slide Over on your iPad – Apple Support –; 2) How to multitask with Split View on your iPad — Apple Support –; 3) How to navigate iPad Pro with gestures —Apple Support –; 4) [iPadOS 14 Tips!] How to Use Picture in Picture on iPad and How to Enable it on YouTube APP –


If you have any comments, suggestions, tips, or questions, you can email John at

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