The Latest on Online Calculators, Blocking Webpage Elements, Chrome Tabs Help, Phone Lanyards and Cable Management

The Latest on Online Calculators, Blocking Webpage Elements, Chrome Tabs Help, Phone Lanyards and Cable Management
John Vrooman

It’s time for some friendly reminder nudges… 1) Is it time to back up your computer(s) and other devices? 2) Is it time to check for operating system and software/app updates? 3) Is it time to do some computer and other device maintenance activities? 4) When was the last time you ran a full antivirus/malware scan? 5) When was the last time you performed some maintenance (cleaning and calibration) work on your printer(s)? Please do yourself a favor and complete the above tasks as soon as possible (especially if they’re overdue).

Online Calculators

If you’re not familiar with online calculator sites I would encourage you to visit and explore some of them. Some online calculator sites focus on providing calculators that relate to a single topic while others offer calculators that cover many topics. A quick and easy way to find online calculator sites is to do a web search using “online calculators” as your search term. If/when you want to find a particular type of online calculator, simply include some relevant additional keywords in your web search. For example, if you want to find a calculator that could help you estimate how many jellybeans are in a jar, search for “jellybean jar calculator.” If you invest some time exploring the world of online calculators, you’ll be amazed at what you find. To help you get started, the following link leads to an “online calculators” Google search results page…

Tools That Enable You to Block Unwanted/Annoying Webpage Elements

Webpages consist of different types of “page elements.” Examples of common page elements include links, paragraphs, headings, numbered and bulleted lists, tables, regions, images, form controls (including radio buttons, edit fields, checkboxes, combo boxes, list boxes, and buttons) and other things like maps, videos, etc. If you regularly visit certain websites that load slowly, have lots of ads, videos that annoyingly play automatically, etc. there are tools available that you can use to block undesired web page elements. If this more advanced topic sounds interesting and you want to explore and learn more about it, check out the following’s article titled “Top 5 Chrome Exten­sions to Block Page Elements” that you can review by visiting this link…

How to Use Tabs in Google Chrome

What’s a Chrome web browser tab? How can you reopen a mistakenly closed browser tab? If a Chrome browser tab, window, or extension isn’t working, how can you force it to close? For answers to these and other Chrome browser questions, please visit the following Google Chrome Help page…

Prevent Chrome From Exiting When You Accidentally Close the Last Browser Tab

“Don’t Close Window with Last Tab” is the name of a free Google Chrome extension that simply prevents Chrome from exiting when you (often accidentally) close the last browser tab. For many, this simple and mostly single-purpose extension is a handy little frustration reducer. Here’s a link to the extension…

Landline or Mobile?

When you want to know whether a phone number is a landline or a mobile number, these websites can help you answer that question… and

Under Desk/Table Cable Management Solutions

Do you wish you had fewer cables and cords draping down the back of your computing desk/workstation? If so, you might want to look for some under desk/table cable management solutions that might meet your needs. Amazon has a fairly good selection to choose from and the following link will lead you to them…

Have You Considered Using a Phone Lanyard?

Digging your phone out of your pants pocket (that you can only get to after first unzipping your coat/jacket) can be a pain. Similarly, if you often keep your phone in a handbag (where it always makes its way to the bottom of the bag) can also be problematic. For those who can relate to the just mentioned phone carrying and quick access challenges, you may want to consider getting a phone lanyard. Phone lanyards keep your phone with you, and easy to access. Additionally, since your phone is always tethered to you it’s not left behind/forgotten as much as it would be if it wasn’t tethered to you. Phone lanyards come in many different styles and can be “dressed up/down” with different straps for use in both less and more formal situations. The following link leads to an Amazon page where you can view many different phone lanyard styles…

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