The Latest on Wi-Fi Calling, Headsets, Popupoff, Automate Social Media Posting, iOS 14 Camera Improvements and Screen Sharing Services

The Latest on Wi-Fi Calling, Headsets, Popupoff, Automate Social Media Posting, iOS 14 Camera Improvements and Screen Sharing Services
John Vrooman

If you live in an area where your mobile phone’s reception is weak or unreliable, you may be able to improve things by using your phone’s “Wi-Fi calling” feature. Fortunately, most mobile phones have a Wi-Fi calling feature built-in, but unfortunately, it’s not always enabled by default. If you’re unfamiliar with Wi-Fi calling and would like to learn more about it (and how to enable it), please visit YouTube and do a search using the following search words (enable use turn on Wi-Fi calling)…

Tip: If you add your phone’s manufacturer name, model number, and/or your phone services carrier name to the above list of suggested YouTube search words, there’s a good chance you’ll find videos that offer step-by-step instructions for your phone.

Using A Headset May Improve the Audio Quality of Your Mobile Phone Conversations

The audio quality of mobile phone conversations is often less than clear and reliable. The reasons for this are numerous and are often out of your control. However, two call quality variables that you do have some control over is the quality of the microphone that’s picking up and transmitting your voice, and the quality of the hardware speaker that transmits the sound that you hear. In general, most mobile phone’s built-in microphones and speakers aren’t particularly good (they’re too small). By using a headset, you can improve upon and address both issues. Additionally, headsets can help you use your phone in a more private and hands-free way. Unfortunately, there are many different headsets to choose from and that can make the product selection process quite challenging. To help you learn more about headsets, and to help you through the product evaluation process, please visit the following website…

Popupoff is a Helpful Google Chrome Browser Extension

When you visit certain websites while running an ad-blocker, or after you’ve viewed a maximum number of free articles that a site allows, etc. you often encounter pop-up messages, webpage overlays, etc. that ask/force you to do something before being able to access the desired content. I recently learned of a Google Chrome extension called “PopUpOFF” that can be helpful when you encounter situations like those just described. Basically, after installing PopUpOFF you simply click on the extension when you encounter a pop-up message, webpage overlay, paywall, etc. that prevents you from viewing the content that you want to see. Then, you select one of three available options from the extensions toolbar button, 1) Hard mode on this site, 2) Easy mode on this site, or 3) I just want to read! The difference between the three options relates to how aggressively the extension works to remove elements on the webpage that blocks you from being able to access the desired content. Heads up: Below the three toolbar button options mentioned above, you will find a link that says “Instructions.” I recommend that you click the “Instructions” link and read through them so that you’ll discover some tips, options and additional help. Overall, the extension is not perfect, but I think it’s worth giving it a try…It’s working out pretty well for me. The following link will lead you to the extension and a short tutorial…

Tip: If you dig into the extension’s options, I suggest that you enable the “Experimental” option.

Automate your Social Media Posts

Creating and executing social media marketing campaigns that include the writing and posting of custom content on a schedule isn’t easy. To help with this, I would encourage you to evaluate some tools and services that specialize in automating social media posting on a schedule. A article titled “6 Best Apps for Automated Social Media Posting” identifies and discusses several products/services that you might want to consider if this topic interests you. Here’s a link to the article…

Tip: If you would like some social media posting ideas (topics to write about), simply do a web search using the following (or similar) keywords [real estate social media post ideas topics]. The search results will include numerous links to relevant articles and resources on the topic.

iOS 14 Has Some New and Improved Photo-Taking Capabilities, Features

If you’re an iPhone user and your phone can be or has been updated to iOS 14, there are several new camera-related improvements available that might interest you. Two improvements that you should be aware of include 1) an updated exposure compensation control, and 2) an improved “Night Mode.” To learn more about these and other improvements, please review a article that’s titled “How iOS 14 Can Help You Take Better Photos on Your iPhone.” Here’s a courtesy link to the article…

Good List Of “Screen Sharing” Software/Service Solutions, Tips

If you’re interested in reviewing a list of screen-sharing solutions, I came across a better than average article on the topic. The title of the article is “Best Screen Sharing Software,” and you can find it on the website. Here’s a courtesy link…

Would you be interested in learning more about screen sharing, and browsing through some screen sharing related tips? If so, this link will lead you to some helpful Google search results on these topics…


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