Weichert Announces Outstanding Achievements for October

Joe Cubias, regional vice president of Weichert, Realtors, announced that the Rockland County Regional Office and a top-producing sales associate were recognized for outstanding achievement in October.

The office, which is managed by Karen McCabe, led the Weichert sales region in dollar volume and sales for the month. Individually, Karina Bulaevsky shared top honors for leading the region in the sales category. The region is comprised of locations throughout Rockland, Orange, Dutchess and Westchester counties and New York City.

Karina Bullayevskiy

Rosalie Cook

Cubias also recently announced that the Monroe sales office and three top-producing sales associates were recognized for outstanding industry performance in October.

The Monroe office, which is managed by Lydia Hendricks, led the Weichert sales region in dollar volume from Weichert.com transactions, listings and revenue units for the month

Karyn Theresa Hudgens Gorman

Michael LaVan

Individually, sales associate Rosalie Cook led the Weichert sales region for dollar volume, listings and revenue units. Karyn Theresa Hudgens-Gorman led for dollar volume from Weichert.com transactions in October, and Michael LaVan shared top honors in the sales category.

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