Westchester Disinfectant Service Company Offers Sanitization Program for New Homeowners, Renters

Westchester Disinfectant Service Company Offers Sanitization Program for New Homeowners, Renters

RYE BROOK—National Disinfection Services announced on May 15th it is launching what it terms is a “socially minded, one-of-a-kind” residential “Certification of Disinfection” program. The program comes with the “Clean Home Certified” seal of approval—an attestation that their new home is 99.9% free of any and all disease-bearing pathogens like COVID-19.

“Given the new realities of living with pandemics like COVID-19… it has become more important than ever that landlords and/or sellers of residential or commercial properties provide Buyers with the assurances and comfort that come with NDS’s Certificate of Disinfection… guaranteeing that the properties to be occupied are 99.9% free of any disease-carrying pathogens,” said Ted Fisher, CEO of National Disinfection Services.

NDS has designed the program to be an affordable and effective precautionary measure for the sellers and renters of any and all properties. The certification will be offered to the potential buyer or renter by the seller, real estate broker, property inspector, attorney, or can be requested directly by the buyer or renter.

National Disinfection Services is a full-service disinfection and sterilization company. NDS has decades of training and experience in this market segment and utilizes the most advanced techniques, equipment, and methodologies to provide the most effective disinfecting process available in the marketplace today. NDS’ products are CDC approved and use EPA registered chemicals engineered to combat and kill 99.9% of all viruses, including COVID-19.

The firm adheres to strict guidelines and procedures that come from the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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