Westchester Launches Free Mentoring, Training Program

Westchester Launches Free Mentoring, Training Program
Westchester County Executive George Latimer

WHITE PLAINS—Focused on supporting local businesses struggling during the pandemic, Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the Westchester County Office of Economic Development unveiled on Nov. 19, Westchester RISES, a free program designed to support existing businesses that are looking to pivot or rebuild in response to the pandemic, or build resilience to prepare for whatever shock might be next.

“COVID-19’s impact on businesses has been staggering,” Westchester County Executive George Latimer said. “We continue to rally behind our existing businesses and look forward to supporting them through the Westchester RISES program.”

Westchester RISES, in association with Accel7, a business and startup accelerator based in New Rochelle, is a mentoring and training program to support business owners who are reinventing, reinvigorating, or otherwise changing their business as the result of COVID-19. Entrepreneur Danny Potocki, managing director of Accel7, will lead the program, which will include numerous distinguished speakers and mentors. Through online workshops, industry roundtables and one-on-one mentoring, business owners and entrepreneurs can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan their next steps, navigate core business challenges and respond to the pandemic economic environment.

“When the business landscape changes dramatically, as it has during the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners must react strategically. Pivoting and rebuilding can be monumental tasks, and we want to connect businesses with local experts to help them navigate these processes, and collaborate with peers in their sector to help address challenges facing their industry,” Deborah Novick, Westchester County’s Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, said. “Westchester RISES offers tangible, action-oriented training for business owners wishing to make changes to their businesses now, or plan ahead to be more resilient when the next big challenge presents itself.”

Westchester RISES is a six-month, virtual program and business owners are invited to participate in as many—or as few—of the workshops and roundtables as they would like. Topics for the 10 online workshops include Marketing Your Business in a Pandemic, Rehiring Your Team, Seeking Funding in Challenging Times, and other key topics of interest to business owners. The focus of industry roundtables will be determined by the industries who participate in the program and the specific challenges these businesses are facing. The Westchester RISES program is an important step towards building resilience and equipping businesses to respond to future challenges.

The first workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 12 noon via Zoom conference, and will focus on engaging your team while navigating the pandemic economy. Participants can register by visiting www.westchesterrises.com/workshops.

For more information on RISES, including a complete schedule of workshops and roundtables, visit: www.westchesterrises.com.

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