Yonkers, Cortlandt Launch New Marketing Campaigns

Yonkers, Cortlandt Launch New Marketing Campaigns

YONKERS, CORTLANDT—The City of Yonkers and the Town of Cortlandt have unveiled new marketing plans geared to bring new business to their respective communities as they attempt to re-emerge from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On July 8, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano unveiled the new marketing campaign entitled “Yonkers is Back to Business!”

“The City of Yonkers was the hardest hit community in Westchester. However, the tremendous residents and businesses of our great city battled back and now we’re stronger than ever. It’s time to celebrate that Yonkers is Back to Business,” said Mayor Spano.

The new campaign, which will run through November, is the next iteration of the highly successful Generation Yonkers campaign that has positioned Yonkers as the region’s next hot urban center to live, work and play. Now in its seventh year, the Generation Yonkers campaign is credited with putting Yonkers on the map and contributed to the city’s tremendous growth in new developments.

The campaign features an integrated media mix including 15-second and 30-second radio spots on news radio station WCBS 880 AM plus digital/mobile ads on key business-focused sites, local sites and sites in the New York Metro Area; paid social media; direct mail targeted to commercial real estate brokers and outdoor advertising with a prominent billboard on I-87 opposite Cross County Shopping Center.

The goal of the campaign is to position Yonkers as the pro-business location in the NY Metro market. It offers unmatched accessibility with two train lines, easy access to all major highways and parkways, only 40 minutes to every major airport in the Tri-State region and only 20 minutes to Grand Central Terminal.

The campaign has two target audiences: New York City-based companies looking for a satellite office location in Westchester and the general public who are looking for great places to live, work and play like so many of Yonkers great restaurants, retail stores, food stores, consumer goods and hotels. It’s all about celebrating the fact that Yonkers is back to business.

The campaign, which was developed by the Westchester-based PR marketing and advertising agency Thompson & Bender, features testimonials from business leaders who tell why Yonkers is a great place to do business. The videos will be available on the Generation Yonkers website along links to the websites of the featured businesses. The website also has a directory of businesses that have been featured in past Generation Yonkers campaigns with links to their websites.

Also launching is a social media campaign called #YonkersBack2Biz inviting all businesses in Yonkers to share their information so they can be added to the directory. Businesses interested in relocating to Yonkers can go to the website and contact Planning and Development Commissioner Lou Albano.

“You don’t have over $3 billion worth of economic development activity in a city by accident. You have it because you have hard-working people who are open for business and willing to work with businesses and make them part of our community. We want them to be part of the success we’re all experiencing here in Yonkers,” said Mayor Spano.

He added, “We have an abundance of commercial sites in Yonkers. We have retail space, office space and manufacturing space. We even have a world-class film studio right here in Yonkers,” Mayor Spano said referring to Lionsgate Entertainment’s plan to build a $100-million TV-film studio complex on the Yonkers waterfront.

A major factor contributing to the city’s pro-business environment is the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (IDA) which provides financial incentives to developments projects. Last year, the Yonkers IDA provided financial incentives to nearly a dozen projects representing a total private investment of $851 million. The developments are projected to create 2,250 new residential units, 105,400 square feet of retail and commercial space and nearly 2,000 construction, permanent and part-time jobs.

Cortlandt Unveils ‘Where Life Works’ Campaign

Earlier this month, Town of Cortlandt Supervisor Linda Puglisi and the Town Board unveiled the town’s new marketing campaign to expand existing businesses and attract new ones. The “branding” portion of the campaign includes a colorful graphic of the word “Cortlandt” followed by the town’s new slogan for economic development: “Where life works.”

“Cortlandt is a hidden gem unfamiliar to many in the New York metropolitan area,” said Puglisi. “This marketing campaign is designed and is being launched to make businesses, entrepreneurs, commercial developers and brokers aware of the terrific assets and possibilities the town holds for them.”

In addition to the branding and slogan, an attractive, informative brochure was produced that contains many of the attributes that are advantageous to business development. It highlights why Cortlandt is where life works at home, work and play. A micro website was also launched that features information and data of value to anyone looking to start, relocate or expand a business.

During the presentation, Supervisor Puglisi noted that Cortlandt has quite a story to tell and this campaign summed it up with the motto “Where Life Works.”

“Cortlandt offers twice the space at half the cost of New York City and even some areas of our own County,” said Puglisi, adding that there is more than just cost.

The brochure uses bold graphics to promote those factors that all make Cortlandt the place “where life works.” Among the factors presented in the brochure is the stable low property tax rate, 1% a year on average for 29 years; the town’s $160 million of investments and capital projects; and, total consumer spending of nearly $1 billion within a 10-mile radius of the center of Cortlandt.

The microsite and brochure feature the town’s four areas targeted for strategic growth fitting within the guidelines and recommendations of its recently adopted and award-winning Master Plan.

Cortlandt has already shortened the approval process for some major development by having the Town Board act as lead agency, and depending upon the proposal will continue to do so. With the closure of the Indian Point nuclear plants and the loss of revenue, the town is now seeking new avenues for economic growth.

Any business interested in finding out more about Cortlandt or to receive a copy of the brochure should contact the town’s Economic Development Consultant, George Oros at goros@townofcortlandt.com.

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