BOARDROOM REPORT: January 20, 2021

Boardroom Report
Boards of Directors
Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, Inc.
January 20, 2021 via Zoom

HGAR Management, Financial & Membership Reports

President Crystal Hawkins-Syska presented the President’s Report, welcomed the new and existing Officers and Directors, and expressed her excitement to lead the organization in 2021.

CEO Richard Haggerty presented the CEO’s Report, reviewing some of the accomplishments and challenges of 2020 and looking forward to 2021.

CEO Haggerty presented an overview of the HGAR organizational structure and history to the Directors and Officers. CEO Haggerty also provided a description of HGAR’s subsidiary entities, namely OneKey MLS, The Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation, Inc, and the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

Treasurer Carmen Bauman and CEO Haggerty presented a detailed overview of the HGAR financial systems and protocols. Treasurer Bauman and CEO Haggerty discussed a variety of issues (e.g., Quarterly Review of HGAR Financial Statements, Annual Audit, HGAR’s Financial Historical Perspectives, Reserves, Monthly Cash Reports, Investment Policy Statement, Items of Incomes and Expenses, 2021 HGAR Budget, etc.).

HGAR Outside Counsel John Dolgetta, Esq. presented an extensive legal overview of the fiduciary duties of Officers and Directors. Attorney Dolgetta reviewed the various forms provided to the Officers and Directors each year relating to fiduciary duties and other legal issues.

HGAR Treasurer Bauman presented the Treasurer’s Report for January, which was approved for filing by the Directors.

Chair of the Nominating Committee Ronald Garafalo reported that there were two vacancies on the Board of Trustees of the Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation and that the Nominating Committee recommended the following individuals to fill said vacant positions: Gail Fattizzi as Vice President (with a term expiring on Dec. 31, 2021) and Ralph Gabay as Trustee (with a term expiring on Dec. 31, 2021), and the Directors approved

CEO Haggerty reported on HGAR’s Dues Receipts Report and observed that there was more dues payment activity than ever before this early in the year, which is a positive trend for 2021. CEO Haggerty indicated that HGAR was in a very good financial position starting off the new year.

Professional Standards

In-House Counsel Brian Levine presented to the Officers and Directors an overview of the Directors’ responsibilities in Professional Standards Enforcement.

Attorney Levine then presented the Ethics Decision designated 269-E, which was provided to each of the Directors prior to the meeting. After review and discussion, the Directors affirmed the recommendations of the Hearing Panel in this matter.

Additional Business

President and Chair of the Diversity Task Force Hawkins-Syska presented an update on the work of the Diversity Task Force.

CEO Haggerty noted that President Hawkins-Syska had appointed Past President Gail Fattizzi as the Executive Committee Liaison to the newly formed Office Space Assessment Work Group, which would assess the use and costs of the current office spaces leased by HGAR, as well as an assessment of the building in the Bronx which was acquired in 2020 as part of the merger with the Bronx-Manhattan Association of Realtors, Inc.

Chair of the Policies and Procedures Task Force Garafalo reported to the Board of Directors that the Policies and Procedures Task Force has been working on a draft Policies and Procedures Manual and that the draft would be provided to the Directors for their review in the near future.

Immediate Past President Fattizzi reported on the Leadership Accelerator Program.

President Hawkins-Syska reported that there would a meeting of all Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs on Feb. 2, 2021. A list of all Chairs and Vice Chairs was provided to the Directors and Officers.

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